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“I still blush whenever I get around Josh Dallas and Colin O’Donoghue.”
~ Elizabeth Lail, aka the fandom [x] (via killiians)


I really hate being an introvert because I sometimes think “oh hey, I can totally hang out with a bunch of people right now! I can handle it! I hate being alone!!” and then three hours into hanging out I realize how draining of energy it is for me to be around other people and I just want to curl up into a ball and isolate myself for the rest of my life.

Jen’s look for the Mara Hoffman show #jenmorrison@jenmorrisonlive #marahoffman #nypfashion #crazyright #aveda #t3micro face by #tinaturnbowMUP [x]


My question is, why the fuck are you still watching a show that you clearly hate so much?  In which you think the actors don’t respect you?

Guess what, I have zero sympathy for you.  You’ve been told what’s what.  Nobody owes you or crackship anything. And you still persist and play the victim?




tumblr has educated me on so many things and i can’t go on for a whole 5 minutes in real life without wanting to start a fight with someone

That’s called brain washing. 





This honestly made me tear up. Imagining how great he must have felt that his planned worked and choosing that risk paid off.
I also feel like him and the model have such good chemistry, they’re always so kind and loving to one another.

Holy shit what did he do?? That’s rad as hell!

Since the runway was going to have simulated rain, he wanted to make the outfit become colorful because of it rather than deflect it. He sewed dye into the seams and once the rain hit it the dye ran! Very simple but super effective. He was one of the two winners of that challenge.

Absolutely brilliant. Holy shit.


A school in Brazil had all its students protesting after a transgender girl got reprimanded after changing into a female uniform. All the students, including the boys, wore a skirt to school on September 1st in a way to show support to the girl, who still can’t wear her female uniform but the school says that they’re “reviewing the code of conduct.”